Today matters.

Prolific writer, Annie Dillard, once said “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” But so few of us would be happy with an entire life spent the way we spent last Tuesday. Artists have always had a vital role in shaping history and changing the course of the world. Yet we seem to spend so much of our time warring with comparison, insecurity, and a permeating unhappiness. We've shut down our insides and lost our sense of wonder in order to blend in with the crowd.

There is more to your life than your number of followers, the artists you emulate, or the jobs you will book next month. And today you have a chance to start living like it.

We are firm believers that today can be your wake up call. You don’t need a cancer diagnosis to get you off your ass and moving in the right direction. You don’t need to look death in the face to start living a meaningful life and making the brave work you were put here to make. Allow your normal flow of life to be interrupted for a bit, encounter something new and real, and make your own pathway forward.

The Don’t Give Up project exists to empower you on the journey by giving you soulful resources and experiences to help guide you there - you are here to do brave things, you aren’t alone, and every single day matters.


Start the journey today!


Our online tools are designed to help you ditch comparison, renew your purpose, unleash creativity, and grow. From the "why" behind making photographs to the practical aspects of running your business, these offerings will help you take the next steps you've been looking for.  

Leave your daily routine behind for a little while, turn off your phone, eat good food, and form new alliances. Our experiential workshops will have you asking the hard questions that lead to a new way.. Not just a new way of doing business, but a new way of doing life.

Planning your next conference or looking for a guest speaker for your upcoming workshop? We have been honored to speak at gatherings all over the world and would love to talk about the added vision and perspective we might bring to yours.