I so wish I could conjure the words to truly do the experience of attending the DON’T GIVE UP project justice, but as they often do, words fail me. This much needed retreat for Jaclyn and I was incredible in every possible way, but now the real work begins…I can’t wait to see the aftermath of these past few days reverberate into our life, our love, and our images. But most of my time was spent soul searching, breaking down walls, building new friendships, and eating amazing meals…
— Nate Kaiser -

In late November, my friend called me an idiot. It was the nicest thing she could have ever done. I had a great opportunity to attend a photography workshop in Brisbane and I was hesitating. I knew I had to do it. So on a scorching hot Queensland summer night I met Jeremy and Ashley Parsons … what followed during the next two and a half days is difficult to explain. It was just something you had to experience. There was laughter. And tears. Unbelievable openness and honesty. Dancing and jumping into a pool with our clothes on. You might wonder why on earth I paid money for this…but for me it was priceless. I walked away a better version of myself. I walked away more…me.
— Jenn Mendez -

I loved that this course wasn’t just about “how to be a better photographer”, it was very real, it was really about how to be a better human and how that will help us in what we do for a living.
— Emma-Jane and Dylan Harbour -

I went to a photography workshop that changed my life. Yes way…now I feel like anything is possible. Like what I do with my camera really matters. Like nothing can ever be the same since meeting Jeremy + Ashley Parsons. Words don’t feel like enough to thank them for what has happened to me. I am a different, better version of myself having met them and the other people at the workshop. In a way that makes me feel important about what I do and comfy in my own skin. I won’t give up.
— Kath Scott -

I had my mind opened to my why, and consequently, a new way of seeing. For my photography, yes, but also for my day to day life.
— Niki Boon -

I have attended workshops in the past and have been let down to be honest. I turned 28 three days after returning from Colorado and that trip was the best gift. And I gave it to myself. Paid for every cent of it. I shed every single one of my own tears. I fought through wanting to vomit while experiencing something so intensely raw and vulnerable with people who I had put on a pedestal…the Parsons. They drag this mass of people up into the mountains to free people, to show them their own strengths and beauty’s and oddities. Who tell us that imperfect is better. Freedom is so powerful. I can’t believe that this fine ass group of people are my friends.
— Isabel Furie -

Parsons, thank you for being wonderful and authentic. For inviting us into your lives with open hands and open hearts.
— Julia Mary -

Recently I felt like I was hitting a creative roadblock and started looking around for some way to break it. It’s for this reason that a few weeks ago, I, along with more than a dozen very talented photographers, attended a photography workshop from Australia and abroad. Actually, attended is not the right verb. Experienced? Closer. It was an experience and more. It is not a workshop about how to use a camera. It’s about finding your voice. Or maybe, accepting the voice you already have. And it has helped me on the path to doing just that; giving me a clearer picture of who I am and the sort of images I want to create.
— David Roche -

This class has changed everything-the way I see my photography and my life and my future-everything. I am so excited to start honestly telling peoples’ stories.
— Stephanie Mballo -